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More Than a Team

The Parker/Hardison Shipper Community

Parker/Hardison Shippers!
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What Would Hardison and Parker do? Sources say: make out.
Hello! Welcome to More Than a Team, a community celebrating the relationship between Parker and Alec Hardison on the TNT television series Leverage. Join on up if you want!

There are just a few fundamental guidelines.

1) Stay on topic. Topics are Parker, Hardison, and Parker/Hardison! If it is not discussion, questions, fanwork, etc. regarding those three things, we don't care. At least, not in this space.

2) Don't be a jerk. This is a happy place for squeeing about Parker/Hardison and discussing their relationship. This is not an angry place for talking about how X/Y sucks or irritates you or to be a douche to other people who happen to be hanging around.

3) Use lj-cuts. You must, must, must mark and lj-cut any information (episode descriptions, spoilers, images, etc.) from any upcoming episodes or any episode that has aired less than a week ago. Also use lj-cuts for any longer fic or larger images.

4) Rate your fanwork. G through NC-17, K through MA, worksafe or not worksafe, doesn't matter how you do it! And please always include clear warnings for any possibly triggering content. Make sure people know what they're getting into.