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I am extending the deadline a few more days to hopefully get some more things. So far I only have 5 videos and 1 graphic. If you want to have me do a graphic for you and put on your name, please comment here with your name. I really need vids and graphics or I won't be able to do the video!


 photo AldisBirthday_zps927988e3.gif

If you want to participate but are too shy or unable to send in a video clip of yourself, please send me a graphic or a photo of yourself holding a sign for Aldis like I've done in previous years. (although I would still prefer video clips!) Send some love to Aldis on his birthday!

Here's the details again:

Aldis' birthday is coming up (on September 20th)!!! I need everyone's help to make a special video for him. I'm using very upbeat music and I'd like to include short videos of his fans doing funny things, holding up signs wishing him Happy Birthday, or dancing around (but keep it clean folks! lol) The vids only need to be 5-15 seconds long. If you want to talk, you can do that as well - I'll put the ones with speaking it in at the end. This is your chance to wish a very awesome guy a wonderful birthday. Try to keep this quiet - don't @ mention him if you tweet about it or tag him on FB.


If you want to send a graphic or a photo of yourself holding a sign for Aldis, please do so! Remember to sign your name!


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In an interview Aldis once said that Parker and Hardison are 'home' to each other. I heard this song and thought it fit perfectly for my Leverage OTP!

For Germany - http://vimeo.com/73737764

FanArt: Scheherazade

by Honorat
Rating: G
Beth Riesgraf and Aldis Hodge as Parker and Hardison in the episode "Scheherazade"

Linked to my journal: Scheherazade

Mar. 27th, 2013

Hello again! I got sucked into Tumblr! Upside though I have been producing a lot of new graphics! Here are just a few I've posted to my journal so far. You can follow me on Tumblr at http://fiction-over-fact.tumblr.com/ to see everything as I post new. I will be going back and adding to my personal journal as well.
hang up

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Heroine Big Bang - 2013 - Round 2

heroinebigbang heroinebigbang heroinebigbang

A Big Bang about Women.
The ones we love, the ones we hate.
The ones we hate to love, and the ones we love to hate.

There will be two options for this challenge.
1. Big Bang: 15,000 word minimum
2. Mini Bang: 5,000 word minimum

January 20th: Author & Artist Sign Ups Open
March 1st: Reminder Artist Sign Ups
March 20th: Check-In #1
April 25th: Author Sign Ups close + Rough Drafts Due
April 27th: Artist Claiming!
May 30th: Author & Artist Check In #2
June 15th: Check-In #3
June 30th: Final Draft Posting

Rec Challenge

Leverage is the focus of rec challenge #106 over at het_reccers for the next two weeks! Head on over and rec your favorite Parker/Hardison fics :)


The Truth About Gifts

Title The Truth About Gifts
Rating: G
Characters/pairings: The crew, Parker/Hardison if you feel like it, or just the early fluffy between them that wasn’t quite ship yet… ignore that they’re in Nate’s apartment from season 3. *sighs* *misses season 1*
Warnings (including spoilers): Nate has an apartment in season 3. Sorry.

Summary: Parker’s trying to figure out the perfect Christmas present.
Title: A First Time For Everything (1/1)
Pairing: Parker/Hardison
Word Count: 4480
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Mild angst, no spoilers
Beta: The lovely bigj52 gave me her time and expertise once again to help make this as good as it could be. Any mistakes are most definitely my own!
Summary: Parker is prepped and ready for her all-important third date with Hardison. She’s not quite sure why the third date is supposed to be so important, but apparently it is. Except Hardison hasn’t quite got the memo.

A/N: Written for mystizan who requested this once or twice (ever so gently and without any persistent reminders at all…). She wanted a clueless Parker, who’s had no experience of a real relationship and how those you love are there for you even when you think it’s all fallen to pieces around you.

Read it here
Music Video - First Time

New music video of Parker & Hardison set to the song First Time by Lifehouse.  Hope you enjoy watching.  I couldn't resist making a new video after watching the summer finale.  Feedback is always appreciated!
Title: Desperation in Action
Author: emily64cooper
Rating: PG-13.
Characters/Pairing: Parker/Hardison, Eliot
Summary: A coda to 510, "The Rundown Job". A Hardison-centric piece, focusing on why he so desperately wanted to outrun the flu, rather than stay and fight.
Author's Note: I borrowed dialogue directly from the episode for this piece, so there are definitely spoilers for "The Rundown Job". Also, this is the first fanfic I've written in about a year, so I feel a little rusty, haha. Cross-posted at fanfiction.net, here.
Prompt: 15: This is my desperation in action. Table Here.

(He answers, looking right at her, and oh God, all he can see is her cold, dead body, and he needs to look away...)


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